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True Presence Coaching

Do you relate to any of these?

If you are struggling with any of the descriptions above……..

You are not alone!

These were all the things that I struggled with for the first 33 years of my life. 

And as I started to reconstruct my life, I learned that transformation only happens when one develops a solid foundation for Confidence, Influence & Purpose. And this is the intersection from which I coined the term ‘True Presence’.

We can all live a fulfilled and meaningful life if we know the secrets to do so, and these coaching sessions aim to help you with just that. You will develop inner confidence so unshakeable that it can weather the trials of life. You will rediscover yourself and that greater influence that you long for. You can gain control and transform your life so that it is meaningful and filled with joy. True Presence Coaching ultimately helps you to achieve higher levels of purpose, performance and people skills, winning the respect of others and most importantly – Yourself.

1. You hate your life and you hate your job, there’s not much of a future on your horizon
2. You’re jaded and demotivated and feel “stuck”
3. You lead your life like you’re running in a hamster wheel, with no satisfaction and joy
4. You have something of a bad attitude to life and learning
5. You feel exhausted and there is a lack of drive to do anything differently

6. You feel irrelevant and ignored by others 

7. You spend your money & time on “looking good” on the outside, but still feel insecure on the inside
8. You don’t have the courage to step out and no voice to step up

9. You don’t feel confident about yourself, or your self-esteem fits the size of a coin pouch

10. You don’t have the ability to influence others, except for your Mum and your weird cousin
11. Your relationships are toxic or superficial or boring. The thought of eating fried chicken feels more exciting to you
12. You are self-conscious and obsessed with how people perceive you

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