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5 Reasons To  Engage  Cindy 

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The Leader Within: Igniting Your EQ Einstein for Influence

Do you struggle with influencing and connecting with your team? Are you missing a crucial component that's holding you back from your leadership impact? Are there EQ blind spots that are keeping you stuck right where you are? Imagine being able to detect your missing EQ mojo and discover the inspirational leader that has been kept hidden – what will that do for your personal and professional life? How will it change the way you feel about yourself?fe

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In this interactive session, you will learn how to ignite your EQ Einstein, become a more effective leader, and unlock your influence from within.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Identify the impact of Emotional Intelligence in your Leadership

  • Detect the missing EQ mojo which erodes your Influence

  • Recognise the crucial components that will transform your EQ

The Power of Recognising YOU 

In a fast-paced world where speed has become a priority, it's easy to lose sight of who we are and what truly matters. We can get caught up in the rush of success and the pressure to fit in, without even realizing it. But what happens when we lose ourselves along the way? What do we risk when we’re so eager to get ahead? How do we regain our sense of meaning in our personal and professional lives? 

Get ready for a truly immersive experience as your audience is taken through an eye-opening journey filled with brutal truths and pitfalls. Drawing from her own gruelling journey, Cindy will share practical strategies to help your audience pick themselves up and become more engaged, motivated, and productive - ultimately leading to better business outcomes.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Recognise the warning signals which indicate you’re about to lose yourself 

  • Uncover the damaging expectations that you might have set on yourself 

  • Identify the four domains of your life to prioritise for transformation

Alternative titles - Choose the one that best fits your objectives:


  1. The Lost Art of Finding Yourself

  2. From Chaos to Courage: The Power of Recognising YOU

Remove Your Roadblocks and Reclaim your Resilience

In a climate of change and uncertainty, two of the fastest growing problems are anxiety and burnout. These erode our resilience - killing our drive, confidence and ability to make quality decisions - preventing us from the life we deserve. 


But what if we could remove these roadblocks and tap into our inner strength and confidence? 

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What if we could achieve greater clarity and resilience, no matter what challenges we face in the outer world? What kind of life and business success could we create for ourselves?


Join us in this engaging and interactive session as Cindy shares real-life stories that will inspire and empower the listeners to reflect on their own life journey. The audience will learn how to identify the roadblocks that are holding them back, recognize their four inner pillars of intelligence for self-mastery, and gain new insights to rise above their roadblocks and start living in their truth.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Identify the road blocks that are causing you to crumble

  • Recognise your four inner pillars of intelligence for self-mastery

  • Gain new insights to reclaim your resilience

Alternative title - Resilience Redefined: Rising above your Roadblocks

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Winning in the midst of Life’s mess

Have you ever been through a life-defining event? One that shook you to the core and it almost feels like you will never recover from it? And most recently, the pandemic has created profound changes to how the world operates. These significant emotional experiences can leave us still feeling tangled, trapped, and trodden. 

But what if you could not only bounce back, but come back stronger and more resilient than ever before? As we navigate the unending changes and uncertainties of today's world, the ability to reset ourselves and move forward is more important than ever. In this engaging and thought-provoking session, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your own personal resilience and learn practical strategies for stepping up as a resilient role model.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the true power and impact of your Personal Resilience

  • Leverage on the Transformative cycle of your inner world for Positive Change 

  • Stepping up as a Resilient Role Model with Practical Strategies for Success

Alternative titles - Choose the one that best fits your objectives:


1. Resilience Revolution: Techniques to Thriving in Turbulent Times

2. Thriving in Turmoil: Winning Amidst Change and Chaos

Breaking through your B.S.

Are you tired of feeling stuck and unhappy in certain areas of your life, but feeling like you're constantly failing to make a change? It can be difficult to acknowledge the serious problems with our own behaviours, and denying them can negatively impact our personal relationships, career, and self-respect. But what if there was a way to climb out of the self-loathing pit-hole and make significant strides towards personal transformation?


personal transformation? In this highly interactive session, Cindy shares her story from climbing out of her self-loathing pit-hole to taking baby steps that changed her life. The audience will take away practical strategies for personal transformation.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock your innate potential by embracing your imperfections

  • Identify the behaviours that are blocking you from your best self

  • Break through your limitations with strategies for self-mastery

Engagements done for:

  • Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Hospitality 

  • Luxury Brands 

  • Pharmaceuticals 

  • Real Estate 

  • Universities 

  • Tech Organisations 

  • Sales Organisations 

  • Multinational Organisations 

  • Associations 

  • Women’s groups 

  • Leadership groups 

Shauna Bull, LinkedIn

“Cindy spoke about Gratitude in Resilience with real life stories that touched the hearts and minds of the audience, was very engaging and kept the audience involved throughout. She provoked us with great reflective questions, inspired the audience with the sharing of her personal journey which left the audience feeling empowered, which was exactly the goal.”
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