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Inspiring Your People To Break Through Their Blind Spots

Strengthen Connections. Conquer Challenges. Claim Your Message

“Cindy is always positive, cool and captivating on stage and she didn't let me down with a wonderful performance that truly engaged and inspired our audience. The crowd loved her. If you would like a keynote speaker to really make a difference you can't go wrong with Cindy, I'd have her speak again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.” 

Chris J. “Mohawk” Reed, Black Marketing

I'm Cindy!

Known as an EQ Maven who unlocks the key to your team's personalities and behaviours, revealing the underlying causes of burnout, overwhelm and disempowering habits that may be holding organisations back. With these powerful skills and knowledge, your people can develop greater emotional intelligence to navigate today’s fast-paced and uncertain world - for improved results, relationships, and resilience.


I look forward to inspiring your teams through a transformational journey.


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Would you like to be 3 times more confident, influential & purposeful starting today?

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Shauna Bull, LinkedIn

“Cindy spoke about Gratitude in Resilience with real life stories that touched the hearts and minds of the audience, was very engaging and kept the audience involved throughout. She provoked us with great reflective questions, inspired the audience with the sharing of her personal journey which left the audience feeling empowered, which was exactly the goal.”


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